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Finding Mummy Support

By | Erin's Corner, Health & Lifestyle | No Comments

I recently had a really interesting discussion with a friend on what it was like for them to  raise their child as a single mum and the challenges faced with a limited support network. Most of the main concerns were around sleep deprivation, struggles with breastfeeding and feeling really lonely. Gone are the days of a “community” raising a child….

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“Rainbow” Fried Rice

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Serves 4 2 cups cooked rice 1/8 red cabbage 1/2 capsicum 1/4 cup spring onion 1 stick celery 5 leaves kale/spinach/silverbeet 100g bacon bits or chopped fritz or ham 3 eggs Soy sauce to taste 1 tablespoon olive oil   Chop up all the ingredients really fine so when you add them to the rice the kids can’t “pick” them…

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When Breast Is Not Always Best

By | Erin's Corner | No Comments

After struggling to breastfeed with my first child I am the first person to jump on the bandwagon and  support mothers who choose not to breastfeed without judgement. We have always had it pumped into our brains that “breast is best” but in my humble opinion, breast is only best when everybody is happy and coping. In my case I…

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My Dirty Little Secret

By | Erin's Corner | No Comments

Now here’s a dirty word….   DEPRESSION Oops did I really just say that? I have had it I have friends with it And yet we say that word and its like suddenly people get scared. They don’t know what to say or how to act around you. You aren’t you anymore, you are a “depressed person” You suddenly have…

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Vegetable Pikelets

By | Budget Cooking, Kids Lunchbox Ideas, Lunches | No Comments

This is fantastic way to sneak some more veggies and a serve of protein in to your children’s diets. This recipe can be made “clean” by substituting the flour for almond meal or oats however with most schools theses days having a nut free policy I have used flour in this recipe. You could also use a milk alternative such…

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Semolina Delight

By | Budget Cooking, Desserts | No Comments

Semolina Milk Fruit of your choice ( i used overripe banana and frozen strawberries heated) Your choice of Jam, maple syrup or honey 1.Make semolina according to packet instructions making sure you stir constantly to prevent lumps 2. Mix through your fruit during cooking 3. Serve into bowls and mix through desired “sauce”  

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